Taking technological innovation and management change as the inexhaustible impetus to promote sustainable development
Achieve-Tech Packaging Technology takes technological innovation and management change as the inexhaustible driving force to promote sustainable development, and takes the establishment of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as the fundamental focus of promoting sustainable development. By developing and providing socially beneficial and environmentally friendly products on the one hand, and reflecting the concept of corporate sustainability through fairness, sustainability, and common principles in daily production and management activities on the other hand, we assume corporate responsibility for the community, upstream and downstream of the supply chain, consumers and the environment, and we apply for sustainability assessment to ECOVADIS every year, get rating based on the four factors including Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Business Ethics and Sustainable Sourcing.
EcoVadis CSR Rating
  • Shanghai Achieve-Tech Packaging rated
    2022EcoVadis CSR SILVER

  • Shanghai Achieve-Tech Printing rated
    2022EcoVadis CSR BRONZE

EcoVadis has recognized our sustainability efforts and awarded a bronze CSR rating
Shanghai Achieve-tech Enterprise sustainable development process Milestone of Achieve-Tech CSR development
Implement the employment principle of equal pay for men and women for equal work and focus on developing women's leadership. Optimize the work arrangement and environment to minimize the risk of COVID-19 to employees' health.
Through a responsible supply chain policy, give priority to the purchase of goods and services from enterprises employing weak social groups.。
Shanghai Achieve-Tech meets the UN Sustainable Development
Goals in more than 12 categories
Shanghai Achieve-Tech Environmental Management System
Shanghai Achieve-Tech establishes environmental management organization and system, and carries out environmental management around the requirements of environmental policy, and always integrates sustainable development into the whole business layout and product design of the company. We control all kinds of pollutants in all processes, products and production activities within the scope of relevant requirements, and at the same time implement the same policy in the whole supply chain system, requiring suppliers to work together to establish the green management of the whole industry chain and undertake the corresponding social responsibility.
Environmental Management Policy
Compliance with law, Energy saving, Pollution prevention, Sustainable development
Compliance with law: All business activities are based on compliance with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements related to the company's environmental factors.Energy saving: Use energy and resources in a planned and reasonable way, reduce waste of natural resources and reduce costs. Pollution prevention: When providing products and services, reduce the generation of waste and emissions, protect the living environment and reduce earth pollution. Sustainable development: Identify improvement opportunities, implement improvement measures, and maintain a sustainable and harmonious development of the management system and society.
Follow the 3R rules
Choose FSC® certified products
Use FSC® forest certified products to support forest management and protect the natural environment.