In order to manage the supply chain in marketing and sales activities, you often have to deal with complex, inefficient, outdated and cost-effective printing procurement processes.
Achieve-Tech’s professional team helps to change all this and comprehensively manage various printing needs for you.
Our streamlined and efficient operations cover all aspects of marketing execution:
From creative design, printing production, quality control, warehousing and inventory management, product delivery and data analysis report
Ensure that your printing needs are in place, save time and effort, and provide data support for your marketing decisions
Professionalism brings returns
Achieve-Tech began to lift the printing management industry more than ten years ago, relying on proprietary technology to reduce the complexity of printing process management,
improve efficiency, shorten the delivery cycle and reduce costs.
We combine the advantages of independently developed printing capacity management platform and centralized purchasing power to help customers optimize the printing management process,
shorten the launch time of products and marketing campaign, improve the visibility of the process, and maintain the brand effect.
Customer benefits include
Based on the management of hundreds of millions of printing businesses and more than 2000 verified supplier networks, we will save you at least 10% of the cost without sacrificing quality.
Through the proprietary technology system, we can identify the appropriate suppliers and market prices for each demand based on the historical price database, and match the specific printing items of each marketing campaign to the appropriate printing plant.
Our PMEs printing procurement management system brings you a great efficiency improvement in printing procurement.