Open with one buttonOpen a new era of Zero plastic packaging

A new generation of environmentally friendly e-commerce shipping solutions

The new generation of Zero plastic shipping cartons developed by Achieve-Tech have the patented technology of PFP plastic free packaging,
no plastic components, ingenious structural design, one button to open, 100% recyclable, easy to recycle, and new breakthroughs in aesthetics, functionality and environmental protection!

Innovated Eco-friendly desk display for Estee Lauder
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Personalization of bottle body process and photoelectric gift box
of internationally famous whisky brand
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Intelligent packaging solutions
  • Traceability

    Realize serialization and data processing from box, carton to pallet

    Provide real-time supply through single product level restriction and tracking·

    Channel management and anti-counterfeiting management

  • Customer interaction

    Turn the product into a channel for direct contact with consumers

    Provide the best digital marketing service for every consumer

    Get feedback from consumers

  • Product certification

    Verify the authenticity of the products by scanning the tags on smart phones

    Prevent the packaging from being re loaded with fake products, tampering with the packaging and reusing the packaging

    Establish consumer trust through product certification